Friday, 17 October 2014

We Want Camp

We Want Camp. Although not everybody would agree, I want to say that I want camp back. I have several reasons for arguing this point of view. Firstly we learn new skills i know this because i went on camp and have learnt new things. Secondly we need to be risk takers So that we learn from our mistakes and manage ourselves. Thirdly we have teachers who like camp. Mrs Burns says she doesn’t mind planning for camp as she enjoys seeing students in a different environment. Finally we could go to cheaper camp.We know that Guthrie Smith costs $25.00 per day, per student. We could also fundraise at the end of each year for Camp. I believe we should have camp. By Brandon Ellmers

Friday, 23 May 2014

Exploding Paint
My brother and I, Cayden were  experimenting with exploding potions. We were having fun.. That was until it exploded paint. everywhere.
My brother cayden and I got covered in paint..
It was all over my face and felt thick and flaky.

We stood there shocked and we swore. What was Mum going to think? She was going to be angry.

Friday, 9 May 2014

   writing invitation
                 scary story
            The mystery goat
there once was a campsite called mountain valley.
One night we felt our cabins shaking so we went outside to see if it was the wind but there was no wind and the cabins were still shaking we went a little bit closer then we bumped into something it was horns…
we turned around and started running towards the dark cabin I tripped over a stick and something ran over me. I caught its leg and it dragged me across the ground with blood running down my back.
When I got closer to the blackberry bushes I caught hold of the hair on it`s back.
I pulled myself up onto its back. While I was on its back it felt like a goat. Then the goat started turning uninvisible then it kicked me off its back.
When I opened my eyes I saw the goat with streaks  of lightning coming out of it`s horns creating a storm. Then the goat turned around and charged at me…

I woke up with a with a whole lot of goats around me. then I felt heat and I was being cooked. The trees were shaking then a whole lot of cavemen started to attack the goats. One of the cavemen let me go. The goats and the cavemen then had a war. While they were having the war I ran off and went behind a tree and watched the war